What's the point of having an Internet connection if you're not using it to look up weird, fucked-up pictures of dirty sex you'd never have yourself? - Randal Graves (Clerks 2)


Anonymous asked
Hey, are you okay? You've been really quiet lately.

Fine, I just took a break. It’s how you keep from burning out on this stuff, because it can and does happen. It’s why most blogs die out so quickly and disappear around here.

I was going to change the blog to reflect my absence, but I figured it didn’t really matter, people can still enjoy all of the old stuff so why change?

Besides, I wanted to get lots of new stuff before posting again. I like to keep things fresh and find some stuff that I don’t see posted on tumblr already (or in some case would never be posted if not for me), and now I think I’ve got enough to post again, so check back soon to see what happens.

Anonymous asked
Where did you find the artwork about nana chan. (quadruple amputee.)

Can’t say for certain where originally, but probably on exhentai, the best alternative hentai image sets can usually be located there.

Anonymous asked
Is there any chance of you posting again? I had assumed you were gone for so long! Your posts are the best of any hentai tumblr without a doubt.

Well I don’t know about the best, I just post what I like whenever.

This weekend’s my two year anniversary for this blog, so I think I will post some stuff later.

"Hey!  I think its great that you’re willing to take the time to help people track down "orphan" artwork.  Do you have a moment to help me with one or two?  I found them at the "Slavery Fantasies" tumblr, but he (she?) doesn’t list a source, or have any kind of ask function. 

Lesbian Dominatrix with Slave Training Excercycle

Three slave girls


I think the second one might be some kind of Avatar: the Last Air Bender fanfic - the sign in the background talks about “benders”.   But I don’t really know.  Any suggestions? 

Oh, and thanks for your help!”

No problem, ComicFan, sorry I didn’t get around to this sooner, because I can help you out.

The first picture is by Erenisch, from DoFantasy.com. The picture is from the Fansadox comic series “The Birthday Gift”, or possibly from one of the spin-offs. I don’t remember exactly which chapter, there’s 10 now. Honestly, if you like that picture, just the read the whole thing. You’ll love it, especially the early chapters.

The second picture is a Legend of Korra pic done by the artist kenshin187. It’s an Avatar sequel, so he draws characters from both series’.

Hope that helped.

Anonymous asked
Your post are terrible compared to other blogs

Quality over quantity, my friend.

Anonymous asked
Hey - are you okay? You've been quiet for months.

Quiet, but still keeping up on all things tumblr.

nuriem2 asked
Are you dead?

Hahaha, no, I’m very much alive, thanks.

By any chance, do you know what hentai/doujin/etc. this page came from?  I’ve found 2-3 pages of it listed as “Avatar-Milk-Hentai”, but I think its mistitled.  Any suggestions?


Me: It’s Sis-Con by Hisani, you can read it here: http://www.mangawindow.com/manga/original-work-sis-con/cone+shot/10-1